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Betting on the continuity of the formula of 3×5 slots with 20 paylines, the Deluxe version has only a few increments and, overall, is quite similar to the classic version, pleasing the most conservative fans.

What was included in this revamped version of Rise of Egypt were basically 3 issues:

  • An expansive Wild symbol has been added, allowing for bigger wins
  • The Scatter symbol remains the same
  • Free Spins mode remains the same, except that you can now “buy” the free spins with 65 bets.
  • Don’t get it? Don’t worry, we’ll explain, come with me!

Differences to the first version of Rise of Egypt

Rise Of Egypt Deluxe

It is fair to say that Playson decided to bet conservatively on the second version of Rise of Egypt, so much that they did not even put it as a second game in the series, only with the addition “Deluxe” at the end of the name, which is of an admirable honesty, since not everyone who plays this will have played the first to know that it is so similar.

Anyway, objectively speaking, the only difference between the two titles, apart from the fact that some visual elements are more sophisticated, is the fact that you can now get free spins after 65 total bets. That is, once you reach this number of bets, 12 free spins are automatically released on the next spin.

How do the mechanics of Rise of Egypt Deluxe work?

It works basically the same as the previous game. Of course, if you haven’t played it, you still don’t know, but we’re here to help. Like most slots in this category, in Rise of Egypt Deluxe you must form the longest possible sequence of symbols that are positioned on one of the game’s paylines.

The symbols follow an order of value, with some giving higher prizes than others. The most valuable and rare of these is the Pyramid symbol, the Scatter in this slot. Three or more pyramids in the game unlocks 12 free spins. After the pyramid, still among the rarest and most valuable symbols, is the Wild symbol, represented by Anubis. This is a wild symbol, substituting for any symbols required to form a winning payline.

After these two, we have another 6 Egyptian symbols that generate reasonable wins, and then we have the A, K, Q and J symbols, which end up awarding the lowest values and are more common to appear on the screen.

Rise of Egypt Deluxe: Better than the first?

Rise Of Egypt slot

If we just coldly compare both titles, we can yes say that the Deluxe version is better, since it provides a prize of 12 free spins after 65 bets. However, thinking that Playson could have used the name it made with the first game to release a great follow-up title, Rise of Egypt Deluxe must have been a disappointment for many fans.

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