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After knowing how to place sports bets, one of the main tips is to take advantage of the wonderful range of bonuses that are made available by sites operating in the market.

A good example is the Betmotion site, which offers the opportunity for the user to double the credit in the account for initial deposits of up to $1650 with our bonus code.

As there are several offers and houses available on the internet, it is up to you to choose which is the best bonus for you. And, as we have already mentioned in the previous topics, this ends up going far beyond the simple welcome bonus.

Even for frequent players the sites have opportunities. And this is the case with RIVALO, which offers a special loyalty promotion for customers who remain as Rivalo users for a long time.

Also learn all about the terms and conditions of each offer. After all, you will need this information to make your guess and make a qualified deposit. You also need to understand what criteria are taken into account to withdraw your bet.

Most welcome bonuses present their criteria in terms of rollover. This is a requirement before you can withdraw your promotional winnings. It is usually multiplied by the amount you deposited plus the extra credit you received.

A good example is to consider an offer of 100% up to $100. In this case, the amount you deposit as your first deposit up to $100 will be multiplied. But the rollover criteria is 2x the amount deposited, added to the promotional. Therefore, you will need to bet $400 in order to withdraw your bonus balance.

It is important that you have this in mind and understand well this dynamic. Because, besides the rollover, there are also minimum odds that need to be taken into account to fulfill the rollout. Usually the betting sites require that the guesses are made in odds of 1.5. But it all depends.

And avoid placing your bet before the end of the match. Because only settled bets are taken into consideration. Therefore, read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully to make sure you understand the requirements and are able to meet the criteria set out in the promotion.

To help you choose attractive promotions, we have gathered four bookmakers that are reliable and work with very generous offers. It is up to you to choose your favourite.

Diversify your bets and use the bookmakers’ resources

Betting tips

You might have heard it said somewhere before: never put all your eggs in one basket, right? After all, if something happens to your basket, all your eggs will be lost. This goes for sports betting as well. In other words, diversify your guesses. If something happens to your team, you will have another event to compensate for it.

There are various football betting opportunities, such as

  • Goals scored
  • Player who will score the goal
  • Match result
  • Number of goals

Types of bets

Betting online

Most of these markets also apply to other sports, where you can bet on the number of points scored (like basketball), on the winner of the match (like MMA) or on which set will score the most points (like tennis). The options are as varied as possible!

It is important that you know how to differentiate between short and long term bets. An example is bets that you make only on one event, indicating that in a short time you will know if your bet is a winner. However, there are situations where the guess is on the champion of a particular tournament.

When you try to guess which team will be the champion of a certain competition, this bet will take longer to know if it will be the winner. And this market is known as long term, after all, it will be necessary to wait several games to find out which team will be the winner.

The same logic applies to other sports, like those who want to make bets on basketball, for example, where you can bet on what the result will be in each quarter, which is a short-term bet.

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